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About Us.

Covvalent is a platform that aims to disrupt the global $800B specialty chemicals industry by helping buyers source the majority of their raw materials of required quality and within promised timelines. Our approach leverages technology at three stages of buyers' and suppliers’ interaction journey – discovery, onboarding, and transaction. Our state-of-the-art procurement process guarantees world-class quality adherence and on-time delivery at highly competitive prices. Our best-in-class formulations and top- notch customer service help us prioritize customer delight.

Covvalent is led by a solid team of ex-consultants, engineering leads, and alums from  Harvard Business School, IIT, and IIM, with combined experiences of 50+ years in various fields of business. We are backed by one of the Tier 1 venture capital funds globally and several angels active in the B2B and specialty chemicals space.

​​​Maximize Quality Adherence

Covvalent’s proprietary 3-step quality assurance process, Covvalent Quality Check (CQC) ensures >99% adherence between customer specifications and suppliers' output, guaranteeing quality products delivered to you on time.

Shipment Transparency

Covvalent Shipment Tracker (CST), our best-in-class technology-enabled platform along with a team of project managers at Covvalent provide accurate and real-time status of the product movement.

Preserve Human Touch

Covvalent’s team of PhDs and material engineers will not only work with your procurement team to source the right raw materials but also assist your product development team in formulations, thus mitigating risks and achieving better stability in the long run.

Supplier Diversification

Our carefully developed supplier base has a wide product coverage and follows strict quality adherence practices. All our suppliers are quality certified (ISO, REACH, TSCA), and have been operating in the export markets for multiple years.

speciality chemicals sourcing
speciality chemicals sourcing
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