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About Us

Welcome to our world. We are passionate experts committed to delivering excellence. Discover our journey, values, and mission to make a positive impact. Join us on this exciting adventure.

Embrace the Future of Chemicals!
Our Tech-Enabled Marketplace Fuels Innovation and Reshapes Procurement for Success.

Covvalent revolutionizes the chemicals supply chain with tech interventions, solving industry challenges and streamlining operations.


Who We Are

Covvalent is a preeminent specialty chemicals company that revolutionizes B2B cross-border trade. We employ cutting-edge technology to create a streamlined and interconnected ecosystem.We are innovative, quality-driven, and client-centric. We provide a broad range of products and services, including formulation and manufacturing, supplier discovery, and after-sales support. We go beyond the conventional to drive progress in the industry.

Our dedicated technical laboratories serve as a hub for groundbreaking solutions, where ingredients and creative ideas unite to spark innovation. We firmly believe in creating new opportunities for our clients, ensuring that they stay ahead in their respective markets. With Covvalent, you'll experience a partnership that moves beyond just moving goods - it's a transformative journey towards a better, more innovative future. 

Our Vision

With Covvalent you can fulfill all your procurement needs streamlining the buying process and offering highest savings 

What do we do

Equivalent grades at competitive rates

Hassle-Free Experience

Tech-enabled solution for all your procurement needs. Derisk your supply chain with diversified supplier base spread across multiple geographies.

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Seamless Distribution

Covvalent Shipment Tracker (CST), an advanced tech-first platform, to provide accurate and real-time status of the product movement.

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100% Quality Assurance

Covvalent Quality Check (CQC) is a 3-step process ensuring >99% adherence between customer specifications and suppliers' output, guaranteeing high-quality product.

Improved Margins

Efficient Supply Chain design enhancing bottom line. With Covvalent you can realize upto 7% cost savings.

Meet the Leadership Team

Want to disrupt the Chemical Industry? 

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